Unite Life Pension Review Service

A good pension plan can provide the funds you need for a hassle-free, comfortable retirement, without ever having to worry about working again.

Many people feel that the Government’s basic State Pension is not enough to fund their retirement needs, and therefore opt to pay into private pension plans each month.

But by the time you retire, you will have probably worked for several different employers and paid into a few separate pensions, so you may feel slightly unsure as to how much money you’ve built up, where the funds are, and how you can access them when you retire.

That’s where our pension review service here at Unite Life can help.

Our free initial no-obligation pension scheme review will help you understand exactly where you stand and how you might be able to improve the value of your pension.

You’ll be dealing with friendly and trained advisors, who will review your existing pension and provide appropriate advice on ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the pension, or pensions, that you worked so hard to build.

Our pension review service and how it works

The pension review service provides you with a clearer idea of the performance of your pension fund, recommends ways you can improve it, and our partner advisors may suggest putting certain plans in place to leave you better off when you stop working, only if these are in your best interest.

If there is no need to make any changes to your current pension pot, we’ll let you know with full transparency.

The pension review service will:

  • Evaluate whether the amount you’re currently paying in will be enough for a comfortable retirement.
  • Check and review where your pension is being invested and whether you’re happy with that.
  • Ensure that the investment profile of your current pension fund is in-line with your preferences in terms of its level of risk.
  • Assess the fees you’re being charged for fund management and whether they’re fair and reasonable in relation to the pension’s level of risk and the amount paid in.
  • Find any pensions from previous employment that are ‘frozen’ or ‘preserved’ and recommend what to do with them, i.e., would it be worth putting them into one larger fund?

Our initial advice is obligation-free and impartial, and what’s more, our partner advisors won’t surprise you with any unexpected fees.

A fee will only apply if you choose to go ahead and make changes to your pension(s) all of which will be set out clearly at the outset.

You can rest assured that the advisors will only recommend amendments or transfers that make financial sense for you and the benefit of your retirement, all of which will be explained clearly at the beginning with no obligation.

The pension review process: step-by-step

The process itself is straightforward:

The whole process can take around three to eight weeks, depending on how quick the Letter of Authorities is returned and its accuracy, as well as the process required with each pension provider.

  1. You contact us either by email or by telephone
  2. One of our approved pension advisors sends out A Letter of Authority to you along with a letter explaining the process
  3. You return the Letter of Authorities in the prepaid envelope – this doesn’t give anyone the right to move or amend your pension, it simply authorises access to the information needed to provide the best review possible.
  4. The approved advisor liaises with the pension scheme providers to obtain access to the information on your pension funds.
  5. Your pension scheme provider sends the details of your current plan to the advisor.
  6. A pension review report is produced based on the information provided.
  7. The approved advisors then contact you to discuss the findings and suggest any recommendations that they feel that could improve the value of your pension.

The whole process can take around three to eight weeks, depending on how quick the Letter of Authorities is returned and its accuracy, as well as the process required with each pension provider.

List of approved providers

Unite Life has been approved by Unite the Union to manage a panel of approved suppliers to Unite Members, these providers have been vetted to ensure that they have Unite Members’ best interest at heart and provide a first class service.

Our list of approved providers includes:

If you have been contacted by anyone else offering this service or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 08000 106 194 or email us: [email protected].

Unite Life’s UK Pension Review Service

Here at Unite Life, we want to help put you on the right path to securing the retirement you always dreamed of.

For a no-obligation, impartial discussion about your options and for pension advice, or to start your pension review today, give us a call using the number below or complete our short contact form and one of our advisors will be in touch at a time most convenient for you.

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